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Can AI Create New Jobs?

Can AI Create New Jobs?

Can AI Create New Jobs?

According to recent research by Indeed, Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) is rapidly reshaping the job market, seeing a surge in job postings related to GenAI starting in 2023.

The research undertaken by Indeed in the US found that just a few months after the public launch of ChatGPT and other GenAI tools, GenAI job opportunities went from almost non-existent to making up 0.05% of all US job postings on Indeed.

The emergence of both broad artificial intelligence technologies in recent years and more specific GenAI technologies like ChatGPT over the past year has sparked interest in how these technologies can transform the world of work, with the GenAI category experiencing explosive growth despite a general slowing down in all other tech job categories.

This appears to indicate that GenAI has the potential not only to change existing jobs but also to create new ones, but despite the rapid take up of GenAI in a very short space of time, we can only speculate as to how this will impact the job market in the long term and what the rate of generated jobs v jobs lost will look like.

Some of the key findings of the research by Indeed include the following points and are illustrated in the graph below:

  • All jobs face some potential exposure to GenAI-driven change. While only 19.8% of jobs face the highest level of potential exposure, more than a third (34.6%) face the lowest potential exposure.

  • Unlike prior advances in robotics and computing that largely impacted manual labor, roles filled by knowledge workers are potentially the most exposed to change from generative AI. 

  • Driving roles face the lowest potential exposure to skills GenAI could reasonably replace or augment, while software development roles face the highest potential exposure.

  • As the labor market continues to adjust to the rise of remote work, the higher the odds are that a job can be done remotely, the greater its potential exposure is to GenAI.

  • Many of the jobs most in demand from employers in today’s tight labor market are among those with the least potential exposure to GenAI-driven change. A majority (20) of the 25 most common jobs posted on Indeed currently face a lower potential exposure to GenAI than the average job posting.

To access the full article and research findings from Indeed, click here.