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Why Two Hours of Your Time Could Change Your Life

Why Two Hours of Your Time Could Change Your Life

Why Two Hours of Your Time Could Change Your Life

​You've just received a job offer when suddenly, you receive a call inviting you to attend an interview for another job from a different company. Should you go?

Of course you should! After all, its not going to be much more than an hour or two out of your life but it could be life changing. Only by actually meeting with a business and attending an interview will bring a job, environment and the business to life and give you a genuine insight into the culture. Here are some other reasons why it could be wise to invest your time to attend other interviews.

Exploring Opportunities and Compatibility

Going to the interview allows you to explore the opportunity in depth. You can learn more about the company culture, team dynamics, growth prospects, and the specific role you're being considered for. It will also give you an opportunity to gauge how well you fit within the company's environment and whether their values, mission and team dynamics align with your personal goals and career aspirations.

Growth and Learning

The interview process can be a great learning experience. You'll gain insights into different company cultures, interview styles, and industry trends. This knowledge can help you make more informed decisions about your career progression as well as considering new opportunities that could take you in a different direction.

Compare Offers

Attending the interview lets you gather information to compare the new opportunity with your current job offer and help you evaluate which position aligns better with your long-term goals, job satisfaction, compensation, benefits, and work-life balance.

​If you find yourself in the comfortable position of considering multiple job offers, it places you in a strong position to negotiate the best outcome not just for salary, but enables you to confidently discuss other options that are of benefit, such as working from home, additional study or flexible work arrangements. In the current environment of low unemployment and a shallow pool of talent, some people are using job offers just to obtain a counter offer to give to their current employer to try and obtain a salary rise.


Remember that receiving multiple job offers is also a great confidence booster, reaffirming your market value and professional desirability, which can positively impact your overall attitude and performance in your current or potential roles.

It's always worth following up and exploring every available opportunity because unless you actually meet with the company and experience the environment, you could miss out on an amazing opportunity that could take your career in a new and unexpected direction.

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