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No Photo Please! Keep Your CV Bias Free!

No Photo Please! Keep Your CV Bias Free!

No Photo Please! Keep Your CV Bias Free!

Why Your Resume Should
be Bias Free

​Many people feel that by including a photo of themselves, they are able to convey a positive image and make their application feel more personal. While this would appear to be a sensible idea, there are several reasons why it is generally not recommended to include your photo on your resume:

1. Discrimination

Including a photo on your resume could potentially lead to discrimination, as employers may make decisions based on a candidate’s appearance or personal characteristics rather than their qualifications and experience.

2. Unprofessional

A resume is a professional document and should focus on your skills, qualifications, and work experience. Including a photo can make the resume appear less professional and may detract from the content.

3. Irrelevant

Your physical appearance is generally not relevant to the job you are applying for, unless you are applying for a modelling or acting role. Including a photo could distract from the important information on your resume.

4. Space constraints

Including a photo takes up valuable space on your resume, which could be better used to showcase your qualifications and experience.

5. Regional preferences

In some countries or regions, including a photo on a resume may be more common or even expected. However, in other regions, it may be seen as inappropriate or unnecessary.
Overall, focus on presenting your qualifications, experience and what you can bring to the company in terms of value and skills. Illustrate your suitability with examples and include the key achievements of your past roles. Keep the spotlight on what you can do and leave your appearance - and the possibility of triggering unconscious bias - out of the equation.
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