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A Little Less Ego, a Whole Lot More Success

A Little Less Ego, a Whole Lot More Success

A Little Less Ego, a Whole Lot More Success

Despite a lack of political experience and amazingly outrageous comments, the ego of Donald Trump has ensured his name comes immediately to mind when asked to name the Republican Presidential Nominees.

Ego versus Confidence. It's a fine line between the two and it is ever so easy for it to blur.

Especially now, when there are so many of us competing to be heard, to be seen and to be the chosen one.

In terms of finding, securing and continuing to grow in your dream job, we always tell you to be relaxed and confident.


Because this will help you project knowledge and competence. But when do you know just how much confidence is enough and what key indicators determine that your self confidence could be mistaken for egotism?

Here are our top markers for confidence and some tips to tame your ego.


- Know your strengths and how to optimise them
- Embrace other people's abilities and give them credit where it is due
- Identify your weaknesses and failures
- Acknowledge the success of others and team wins
- Accept your faults with grace


- Continually boast about your strengths to others
- Feel threatened or discuss others' failures to enhance your ability
- Ignore the need for improvement
- Take all the credit or downplay others' involvement
- Avoid blame and responsibility

Self confidence is a wonderful asset, but sometimes too much of a good thing can send the wrong message. Colleagues may find you intimidating or unapproachable, while potential employers may see you as a
'prima donna' and difficult to reign into their business.

In saying this, we of course encourage self confidence, everybody should believe in their abilities.
You just need to balance it with self awareness.

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