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Do you stand out from the crowd?

Do you stand out from the crowd?

Do you stand out from the crowd?

We are often asked “I am competing with so many other people for jobs, how do I stand out from the crowd?”

Pure talent alone does not always guarantee you will win your dream job – it is the result of a complex blend of talent, skills, experience, personality and presentation that combined, transforms you from just another candidate into your own unique brand that will attract the attention of employers.

Most people assume that standing out from the crowd is performance related. To most employers, standing out from the crowd is often related to attitude and how successfully a candidate is able to apply their talent and skills. Employers also look for candidates that possess a genuine interest in their job and how they will enhance or complement the existing team.

One advantage of using a recruitment consultant is that they have detailed knowledge of the employer including their culture, the dynamics of the current team and what is expected of their employees. By listening to advice, it can help you focus on your own unique skills and qualities that may ultimately help you secure your dream job.

Want to stand out? Try these tips to enhance your visibility in the job market.

  1. Strategy

    Apply strategy in the way you approach every opportunity. In saying this, you must remain honest. This applies to forward thinking, assess your current situation and clearly define what it is you expect to achieve by changing jobs. Consider all things from pay expectations, career advancement, personal goal setting and lifestyle.

  2. Transparency

    If you are dealing with a recruiter you should always be transparent when it comes to your intentions, goals and expectations. The more information you provide, the easier it will be to effectively promote you and match you with a suitable place of employment.

  3. Effective Presentation

    Ensure that you effectively present yourself and your work throughout every stage of the recruitment process, even from the very first phone call.

  4. Access

    Present clean, concise documentation that is easy to view and obtain information. Surprisingly many job seekers don't make it easy to find their contact details. If they aren't easy to find, your application could end up in the 'too hard basket'.

  5. Relevance 

    Tailor your resume to feature the most important (and relevant) attributes that relate to the position on offer. When interviewing, highlight how your skills, knowledge and experience will benefit the business and make certain that you discuss your skills and their relevance to the job.

While these tips may seem obvious to some, you will be surprised how many people overlook these fundamental rules when trying to secure a new job.

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