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Don't Just Manage, Lead

Don't Just Manage, Lead

Don't Just Manage, Lead

Not all great leaders are created equal. As much as we would love to believe that every thought leader and influencer was born with an innate ability to effectively lead and succeed, many of the great success stories invested considerable time, effort and energy learning the key traits from mentors and industry influencers of their time.

These people achieve sustained, long term success while considering the outcome for all parties involved. Whereas an ineffective leader is driven by quick results and short term gain, often at the cost of others.

Effective leaders will build long term relationships that benefit both the business and employees. They not only understand their team, they are also keenly aware of which drivers motivate each team member to get the best out of them.

By focussing on long term goals and an overall vision, good leaders will weave individual tasks together to achieve big picture success. They are not single minded in their approach to business, with the vision to recognise that long terms results should not be sacrificed for one quick win.

Essentially, an effective and respected leader is one whose goals are not single minded and short term. Their success is driven by the team they have built around them and they share their success happily and willingly with those who deserve it.

Don't be dazzled by quick results and wins. Instead, look closely at the people around you, pay attention to how your peers and influencers are leading their team and learn to identify what makes them a successful leader.

Nikki Braybrook from Big Fish Creative Recruitment partners with companies to develop individual strategies for hiring, retention and building positive team dynamics and was recently recognised for her work in the City of Monash Business Awards.

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