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One small mistake, one huge cost

One small mistake, one huge cost

One small mistake, one huge cost

June 2014 and Andrew Flanagan is propelled into the spotlight as a Group GM at Australian retail giant, Myer then promptly sacked on his first day in the job. Why? His blatant lack of ethics led him to fabricate his skills, abilities and career history.

The question is, how to you ensure that your applicants are ethical? Recently I discussed the importance of due diligence to ensure the perfect hire. Part of that process should incorporate ethical due diligence to determine whether a potential new employee shares similar ethics, values and beliefs that align with your business.

Every business has a different goal so it's impossible to formulate a one-fit template for all, but there is a very simple formula to ensure that ethical due diligence becomes a key process within your business.

  1. Identify the values of your business

  2. Determine the personal values that apply to your business

  3. Ensure that these values are understood and implemented across the business

  4. During the hiring process, test their belief systems by asking questions such as what ethical conduct means to them

 Understanding what you want from a person beyond their technical skills is key to securing the right person for your business. By conducting ethical due diligence during the hiring process you are more likely to select an employee that will promote your business positively and work within your value systems.

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